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The Monarchic Budapest

It is almost certain that you can see today in Budapest as "old styled" or "classic shaped", was built during the city's prosperous era of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. At that time when the newly unified Budapest was the number-two-capital of a great European power which could compete with the number one, Vienna... Sightseeing along the axes of the "Hungarian Champs Elysées" and the Danube Promenade; evoking the atmosphere of "happy times of peace" with a cup of coffee or other refreshment.

What you have to see in Budapest

Roller coaster with us between the most outstanding points of a European capital which has an unforgettable panorama! We climb up to the highest natural and built places of Budapest that determine the true character of the city. Then descend to the old Danube, to visit more thoroughly what we have already seen from above. Finish the trip at the neighborhood of the City Park, where we also consume our refreshment. This trip is recommended for shorter stays, to anyone who would like to see and feel a permanent memorial from Budapest.

Night lights of Budapest

Impressions and stops for photos in nocturnal Budapest. The dominant city buildings in night light, from the Castle District through the bank of the Danube up to the Millenium Monument of Heroes' Square. After the walk, or even during, you can go into a popular night-life scene of Budapest preferred by both Hungarians and foreigners. Have you ever been to a real ruin pub?

Capital of culinary delights

In Budapest you can find everything if you are a fan of culinary tourism. Besides the different-priced and styled retro or modern restaurants and taverns there are familiar eating houses, market-canteens left from the past on the culinary-map of the Hungarian capital. As a Hungarian company, we primarily recommend those places that you cannot find anywhere else: first of all, the famous local cuisine, amongst guaranteed original sceneries. Besides dishes, do not forget drinks: depending on your taste, we offer a visit to a beer- or champagne factory, a wine tasting, or perhaps an insight into the world of our famous short drink, distilled of different fruits, the Hungarian pálinka.

The Never-Seen Budapest

All that is special or unique in Budapest, as you compose it based on your personal needs! Some possibilities: round trip amongst ruin pubs; what happened to the magnitude of the past or "Sic transit gloria mundi", and what are still working from the past; emblematic locations of the retro-feeling: visit to the market and the flea market; archery in the green belt of the city; what is under the shiny glaze: the crumbling Budapest... Ideal completion of earlier Budapest-memories!

Budapest Grand Tour

One or two-day- tour according to demand, starting from Buda or Pest side, forward or backwards in time, amongst the well or little known, but characteristic Budapest destinations and attractions. Budapest from Alpha to Omega as you want! Bridges, churches, palaces, flavors, sensations and perceptions: a few of everything, but forming a complex whole. The elements of our offer can be combined freely, or completed by a visit to the surroundings of Budapest.

All you can see

Choose from offered packages by your own taste and needs. In the case of a half-day sightseeing tour you can visit seven places with our guide. If you choose the full day tour, you can have memories about 12 sites, which we visit in your personal rhythm, based on your preferences. This version includes a meal in the location of your choice. If you can spend more days in Budapest, you can discover those faces of the city with Rent a Guide that very few foreigners can manage during one brief visit. For returning Budapest-visitors a perfect supply of information. Individual additions are also possible.

Around Budapest

Stand-alone or additional program for the visitor who is interested not only in the day- and nightlife of the teeming city. The Curve of the Danube is one of the most beautiful regions of Hungary, reachable quickly from the capital. You can go even on water up to Szentendre whose South Slavic Mediterranean atmosphere is a real curiosity. Visegrád and Esztergom take visitors back to the glorious ages of Hungary's history. Wine tasting, horse riding, canoeing, archery: some examples of our many offered programs.

Styles, façades and roofs

During our walk it is not always worth looking exclusively at what is in front of us: Budapest is a city of marvelous facades, original and neo-styles, covered roofs by colorful Zsolnay majolica! A taste of 300 years of architecture from the Baroque to the special Hungarian secession, the Bauhaus and the thought-provoking mementos of the "socialist realism". Obligatory tour – not only for architects but also for every architecture enthusiast.

Dictatorial Budapest

The darkest periods of the Hungarian capital have passed into history, but these relics of the past still attract visitors. The exhibitions of the House of Terror embraces two periods of 20th century dictatorships and a visit to the Sculpture Park is a real time travel to the controversial era of the "working socialism". And those who are interested in the architecture and atmosphere of the Communist Budapest will also not be without experiences and impressions.

Jewish Budapest

The Jewish heritage means a deservedly famous attraction: Budapest boats the largest Neolog Synagogue, the Jewish quarter and its special atmosphere attract visitors with small kosher restaurants, as well as many bars and clubs, popular among artists and the young generations. The vicinity of Nagymező Street, known as the "Broadway of Budapest" today is the meeting place for the art world. Besides these Jewish related sights of 7th district, the atmosphere of Újlipótváros, north of Margaret Bridge, and the first jewish historical memories in the Castle District also fits perfectly into our walk.

Capital of baths and spas

If there is any sight of Budapest, which makes it unrivaled amongst the capitals of Europe, it is the pool and spa culture. We offer a choice of a visit to one of the old thermal baths in Budapest. And if you decide to visit not only one, of course, it is also possible: Turkish baths are also tempting museum-targets and the atmosphere of the architectural masterpieces built during the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy give a unique experience and provide photographic subjects as well. Attention, it is forbidden to shoot swimmers!