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photo on our team "Thank to Rentaguide for the wonderful days in Budapest! It was a unique experience to see the city from a different perspective. Levente was very competent and helpful. We would like to return one day!"
Dagmar&Nora Sorensen from Denmark

About our guides and our company

Rent a Guide is a Hungarian touristic company at Budapest which aims to guide smaller foreign groups (2-6 persons) differently from the traditional forms of tourism, showing them every location that they want to see. Our activity not only includes areas of Budapest, but also its surroundings. With the help of our wide national network we can organize shorter trips to any point of Hungary, based on our offered packages composed by the personal needs of our passengers. These packages can be formed flexible and free, according to the personal preferences and available time. From a few-hour-visit to a multi-day, thorough and in-depth sightseeing and tour.

Dear foreign friend! Are you on a business trip? Arrived at a conference and would like to spend your leisure time the most active, meaningful and valuable way? Already have been to Budapest and would like to complete or refresh your previous experiences? Do you prefer to spend your free time in the Hungarian capital with your partner, family or solely, independently of others?

Would like to realize a Budapest-visit by your own rhythm and wishes? Besides must-see points and monuments also would discover those faces of the Hungarian capital that are really typical of us, Hungarians? You are in the right place: Rent a Guide guarantees flexible and individual paced sightseeings, rich experiences, adventures and a series of locations which are usually omitted from ordinary offers of travel agencies and guidebooks.

Our team has highly experienced, multilingual guides who have been working in various areas of tourism for years. They have extraordinary knowledge, which is shared in a professional manner with the lucky foreigner who elects Rent a Guide. Our ars poetica is: Everything for the curious tourist! Their common points are the attitude and the good atmosphere: Rent a Guide staff receives and treats foreigners who visit Budapest as friends.